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Below are photographs donated to the club. These pictures date from the early to mid 1930s and are of the Lakeside Sailing Club, the fore runner to the Imperial Yacht Club. If you can supply any details on the people in these photographs please drop send an email to admin@imperialyachtclub.co.za

Some memories

The yachts were mainly racing skiffs then. When some of us started sailing when IYC "reopened" in the 1960 era many of the yachts had sails made of Egyptian Cotton. One capsize meant something of a "nightmare" as one needed to dry the sails which could take a week. Then came Terylene, Dacron etc etc followed by Kevlar and Carbon. That changed sailing dramatically. I remember that during the mid-60's there was one skiff remaining and then there was our family keelboat that plied the waters - besides the "modern" yachts of that time. Thanks for keeping the memories alive. - Gerry Norris

Person on very left is Leonard Campbell and is holding the Rutter Cup which he won three times in the boat "Princess".