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Welcome to Imperial Yacht Club

Welcome to IYC and hope you and your family will enjoy many happy years sailing with us. This is a brief overview of the club, how it runs, who’s-who, events, and where to find out more information.

The information gives you an overview of the club and where to find out more info. Please read through and feel free to ask the committee if anything is unclear.

IYC is managed by a committee which is made up of five flag officers and a general committee, this year’s committee can be found on our contact us page:

The club is governed by the IYC Constitution and is available on request.

The official summer sailing season starts with the Opening Cruise towards end of August and ends with a closing cruise around the end of May. Although summer is the traditional sailing season, the winter southerly winds are a lot gentler and provide an excellent time to learn to sail and the club remains open. During the winter months the club runs a Polar Series which takes advantage of the lighter winds for coaching and light wind sailing.

At the opening cruise a club timetable for the forthcoming season is handed to members and any further changes or additional events will be communicated to members (see Communication below). A copy of the calendar will also be posted on the club website.


IMPERIAL YACHT CLUB is a family friendly sailing club with a focus on developing youth sailing and training. Sailing has a lot to offer youth and we actively encourage children and parents from all backgrounds to participate in sailing. Sailing is a lifetime sport and adults and children participate equally at all our club events.

Club Sailing Sundays and away events

IYC run most of its club regattas (events) on Sundays. There are occasions where other events are organised and take place on other days of the week but will always be notified by email and facebook. The club calendar will list all the club events and the important away events. A copy of the calendar will be given to members at the opening cruise and copy on the website (

Club sailing

Club Sunday regattas start at 10.45am so sailors will need to be rigged and ready by about 10.30am. Generally, and depending on weather conditions on the day, there will be races until lunch, break for lunch (around 1pm-2pm), and then further races after lunch.

Almost every Sunday races are towards a trophy and take on various formats: handicap, teams, pursuits, lots of short races, a few long races, etc. We like to mix it up a bit to keep it interesting for everyone. At the end of the season we have a prize giving and trophies awarded based on the results throughout the season.

The highlight club event for the year is the Pin and Bax IYC Club Champs which takes place over two Sundays in the second half of the summer season (January to May).

The club galley is open on club racing Sundays and serves a variety of meals and drinks. Menu is displayed at the galley.

IYC do not specify which class of boats may or may not take part, all are welcome and participation is strongly encouraged. The club trophies are based on established classes such as Optimist, RSTera, Dabchick, Laser (4.7, Radial and Standard), Extra, Sonnet and Mirror.

Some of our events are sponsored and prizes handed out on the day as well. Look out for Bella Pizza (local pizza restaurant), Quiver (outdoor gear and accessories), Rope World (ropes and accessories for sailing, mountain climbing, jungle gyms, etc), Southern Charter (fund managers and advisors), Ullman Sails (dinghy and keelboat), Pin and Bax (sailing equipment and repairs). If you would like to sponsor a club sailing day, or know of anybody who could be interested please contact the committee.

Away events

Not all sailing is at the club, and like other sports, there are regional events where sailors from other clubs get together. There are three main events which take place each season: Western Cape Champs, Youth Nationals and GrandSlam series.

Western Cape Champs (Provincials) is a 4 day event and will take place at Saldanah Bay. It is a huge amount of fun with sailing taking place offshore and all different classes and ages enjoying a festival of sailing. There is entertainment and action after sailing each day and great time to catchup with sailing friends.

Youth Nationals is a seven day national event which rotates around the provinces each year. It takes place second week in December. The venue is normally decided at the event for the next year so plenty of time to prepare for travelling. It is all about having fun and learning for the younger sailors and time to make friends.

The Southern Charter Grandslam is a Western Cape series of four events taking place at various clubs around the Western Cape. Also a festival of sailing and opportunity to sail at different club's waters. This series of events is especially popular with youth sailors where they get to make friends and socialise.

All the above events always look for helpers on and off the water. So, if you are tagging along because a spouse or child is sailing, jump on a rescue boat or help on bridge and get to see the action close up!


This is IYC's flag ship event for the year and is one of the province's oldest running regattas. It is a regatta where many novices compete for the first time and we take special care that it is a fun and enjoyable experience. This event is a unique opportunity where sailors get to represent their school and have a shot at various school trophies. There are trophies for each class, and overall junior and high school. It takes place in 2nd week of 2nd term and runs from Saturday 2pm to Sunday afternoon and ends with a prize giving. Teachers and parents are encouraged to come down and support their schools and bring along flags to fly on the flag pole.

Boat park and mast shed

Members are welcome to make use of the boat park and will be allocated space for boat(s) and trailer(s) and a key which will give you access to both yard and mast shed. Equipment left in the boat park and mast shed are under lock and key, but stored at member’s risk.

All equipment will be labelled with a little yellow sticker with boat type, sail number and member’s name.

Boat hire

The club has a number of boats available for hire on a daily or longer term basis. These include Dabchick, RSTera and Laser.

Young sailors can go through growth spurts and become too big for a class quickly. For this we have a number of RSTera dinghies that can be hired for an extended period rather than investing in your own boat and have to sell sooner than you anticipate.

Please contact the club Secretary ( for further details and rates.

Training and coaching

You are never too young or too old to learn how to sail, and at IYC you will never stop learning! Zandvlei provides an ideal nursery for beginner sailors of all ages with a sheltered "duckpond" and the larger lake allows parents and spectators to watch the sailing from the clubhouse. The vlei is well suited to small boat dinghy sailing as the sailors learn to sail close to the clubhouse.

Dabbie (Dabchick) Camp

Each year, usually during September, the club hosts a sleepover camp for Dabchick sailors. It is a training camp and sailors get to experience and learn a lot about sailing in a short time. Camp starts on Saturday afternoon and ends Sunday afternoon. Training is on the water as well as talks and theory in the club house. Everyone sleeps in the club house or tents on the grass outside. Parents oversee the camp and provide catering and support and training done by young adult instructors.

Learn to sail

Linsay Ferguson provides learn to sail courses during the week and weekends, as well as a schools sailing program. Linsay is a federation accredited instructor and has taught over 200 kids how to sail on both dinghies and keel boats. More info at


IYC has a number of federation accredited instructors who can provide coaching on specific classes and  further develop skills and techniques. Many of our instructors are sailing or have sailed at the top of their respective classes (Optimist, Lasers, Dabchicks, Extras) and have experience in competing locally and internationally and a wealth of knowledge to share. Please contact the committee for a recommendations.

Entrance and facilities

The club has a hall, galley (kitchen), change rooms, boat yard, mast shed, equipment sheds for club equipment, jungle gym for children, grassed areas, off street parking, and safety boats for rescue during club events.

On receipt of completed membership forms and confirmation of payment, members are provided with a tag which allows access through the main front gates and change rooms. Also, key to boat park and mast shed if you choose to make use of the boat park.

Members who would like to make use of the hall for private functions can contact the club manager, Karen Dauelsberg on or 021 788 4813 (mornings only).


Sailing is a sport that uses the natural elements and such sailors must pay respect to nature. IYC takes safety seriously and all members are obliged wear a personal floatation device (bouyancy aid) while sailing. In addition, during club events, a safety boat, a safety officer and assistant are on duty to assist sailors who find themselves in difficulty. It is the sailor’s discretion to decide to take part in a event. Non-sailing members are encouraged to assist with safety and rescue. It is a valuable skill to learn and vital part of keeping sailing fun and enjoyable for youth.


The official avenue of communication to the IYC members is via a subscription email list (managed by MailChimp) and the website. During the sailing season (August to May), emails are sent to members generally once a week, occasionally more often, to communicate club news, events, reminders, and notices.

To register for the club official newsletter, please fill out the form on this page or look for it on

Our facebook page ( is where members share general info and photographs. Please like the page for update on latest club news.

The website ( contains general information about the club, but latest news is on the facebook page.

Other club events

The club will from time to time put on other events. In the past we have had club suppers, impromptu fun regattas, TGIF fun sailing and sundowners, Wednesday afternoon fun sailing, work parties with a club braai afterwards. We are a social bunch enjoy spending time down at the club relaxing and enjoying the unique surroundings.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or would like to get more involved, please give anybody on the committee a call or email and we’d love to get you on board.