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Is your sailing Dinghy or boat in the IYC/ Sandvlei boat park?

posted Jul 13, 2010, 11:40 AM by Damian Gibbs   [ updated Aug 3, 2010, 7:46 AM ]
IYC boat park is cluttered with a number of old, and long unused boats and dinghies, a number of which appear to have been abandoned by their owners, who have neither paid club membership nor boat park fees for a number of years.   

Owners wishing to retrieve their dinghies and boats have until 14th November 2010 to do so. Proof of ownership and payment of an R 1000.00 storage and release fee will be required, before boats will be released.

Any dinghies and trailers unaccounted for by that date will be considered to have been abandoned by their owners, and will be moved to the grave- yard section of the park before being auctioned off to defray expenses, or taken onto club inventory for use as training / hire boats. 

IYC welcomes the donation of any boats or dinghies to the club. Anyone willing to make such a donation is kindly requested to include masts ,sails,foils and rigging.

For enquiries and to reclaim your boat/dinghy 

Please contact  - Rob
Telephone – 021 712 8022 / 021 788 4418
E-mail –

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