Fergie Sailing Academy

Fergie Sailing Academy and training
Fergie's Sailing Academy is a place where everybody, young and old, with or without sailing experience learn to sail and better their skill. 

We offer a range of sailing courses:
  • Beginner / Start Sailing
    • Lets get you on the water and sailing safely and going round a course confidently. 
  • Intermediate
    • Got the basics right, now learn some more boat handling skills 
  • Advanced / Racing. 
    • Time to go racing! Learn the rules of racing, strategy, read the wind and advanced boat handling skills. 
  • Schools sailing as a sport program
    • Sailing offers so much more than just having fun on the water. Regular during the week training helps build a wide range of social, physical and mental skills.
  • Assisted sailing
    •  Practicing what you have already learnt and time on the water to improve.
  • Fun Holiday Sailing 
    • Have you sailed or done a few courses? Do you want to just go sailing and get some time on the water during the holidays? This is a fun games only sailing holiday programme for those that want some sailing without a structured course.
  • Adult Learn To Sail
    • Envious of the kids having all the fun? You are never to old to learn how to sail! This is a combined "Start Sailing" and "Go Sailing" for over 18's and up.

All courses cover:
  • Safety on and off the water
  • Boat preparation (Rigging and de- rigging)
  • Knots
  • Wind and weather awareness
Additionally, sailing inherently builds the following learning areas that are part of the school curriculum:
  • Social skills
    • Team work
    • Responsibility
    • Confidence
    • Problem Solving
    • Setting and achieving goals
As Zandvlei is a nature reserve and an estuary there is a unique opportunity to learn the following Life Orientation modules first hand:
  • Weather 
  • Wind
  • Clouds
  • Water conditions
  • Environmental awareness
  • Eco systems around water
  • Wild life (Fish, birds and estuaries)

To find out more, visit lafergie.wix.com/fergies-sailing, or contact Linsay at: