Novice / Begginer Sailing Training

Oscar Novice 1 Sailing Training
This legendary novice course has been running for many years and has seen a number of local champions in various classes start with Oscar in the duckpond. Aimed at 10-13 years old, this course is all about getting on the water, learning the basics (including capsizing!) and being able to sail a simple course. 

Oscar runs his courses twice a year (February to March, and October to November)  and run over four Saturdays, the 1st and 4th days are double sessions. Cost is includes the use of club boats and lifejackets. Min 6, max 10 participants. For more info or to find out when the next course will be run, contact Oscar Miles. 082 575 1800 or 

Course outline:
  • Knots - Reef, Figure 8, Sheet bend, Bowline, Round turn & 2 half hitches Sailing terms – Bow, Stern, Fore & Aft, Port & Starboard
  • Rigging & De-rigging the boat
  • Capsize & stay with the boat
  • Boat & Rigging parts
  • Tacking
  • Granny Tack
  • Gybing
  • Points of Sail
  • Right of way
  • Launching & Landing a boat